Tuesday, January 25


In yet another dramatic move towards the center of the Democratic Party's political spectrum (a distinctly narrower range than that within the Republican Party), Hillary Rodham Clinton has made a calculated bid to gain legitimacy as a presidential candidate who could win the general election in 2008.

For those among us who never thought we'd see the likes of a Hillary Clinton giving grudging ground to the Pro-Life movement, she's become a junior New York Senator just full of surprises. To date, she's contained her criticism of the Bush Administration's war in Iraq to the conduct of the war, not questioning the rightness or charter to invade, and she has drawn an increasingly sharper focus on the illegal immigration issue, despite her Party's need to retain and grow the Latino community's votes. Bill Clinton may no longer share in one part of her anatomy, but I suspect he has her ears and he's echoing the advice of his former campaign advisor Dick Morris, who convinced Clinton to move towards a more moderate, centrist position and with dazzling results.

The metamorphosis of Senator Clinton is something to behold and looms large for the Republican Party. And she's doing it without compunction. The question becomes exactly what will be the composition of the village to get more women to see the light of day about abortion and the 4+ million fetuses that have been destroyed, most of them unnecessarily, since the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision. If she can have a material impact, than I'm all for it. Let's not let politics get in the way of reducing the number of deaths of innocents.