Tuesday, January 18


Now, frustratingly, one of my favorite conservative columnists, William Safire of the New York Times, has answered the casting call for this year's reprise of The Pajama Game. No not the stage play of long ago, that had its long-standing run on Broadway, but more akin to this year's version of A Chorus Line, featuring a frenzied, tap-dancing ensemble from the mainstream media in the riveting opening act. The play's choreography depicts a cat fight for center stage (with most of the dancers entering "Stage Left"), and with a strident chorus repeating over and over again clever lyrics chiding bloggers condescendingly as nothing more than pajamas-clad, wannabe journalists wedded to their laptops and suffering silly delusions of grandeur. I thought Safire was retiring, not doing curtain calls at his age. I, for one, was hoping the "pajamas" allusion was going away, but Safire has chosen to breathe new life into it. In this column, however, Safire can't carry a tune, and his dance steps are more Arthur Murray than Bob Avian.