Friday, January 14


Apparently Ted Kennedy isn't as in tune with Illinois politics, as was his father, Joseph Kennedy Sr., who worked with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley in 1960 to assure his son JFK's ascendancy into the White House. Seems the senior Senator doesn't know superstar Illinois' freshman Senator Barack Obama all that well or presumably he could pronounce his name correctly. Oh, just read right down the page past all that "tax and spend" talk President Bush's nemesis is fond of promoting and get right to the tongue-twister.

The one-L at The Irish Trojan's Blog has a different take on Senator Kennedy's faux pas, suspecting him of having had a few too many before he stepped to the microphone. Anyone calling himself an Irish-Trojan has to have special insights on both of Teddy's well-publicized foibles, don't you think?

And who says Dubya is the only one in politics who does pratfalls with his tongue!