Thursday, January 13


I'm a recently-minted, newbie blogger (you can tell, I have no doubt), who has joined the thousands of neophyte bloggers trying fitfully to get their sites off the ground, their "voices" honed, and a readership, albeit paltry, intrigued by what they have to say. It's more than a bit overwhelming in the early going (e.g., learning just enough HTML to be dangerous) and you're oftentimes left with the sinking feeling that you're mostly an audience of one, despite grandiose notions of cementing a spot for yourself in the multi-faceted journalism of cyberspace. It's quite humbling; but while you envy the big-time, mainstay bloggers of the Blogosphere, and marvel at their number of hourly/daily hits and links, you must be mindful that they didn't do that overnight and theirs is a success devoutly to be wished, but unlikely to be realized. Fact is, they're special people, talented people, who have found a niche and leveraged it, and who have analytic and written skills (and oftentimes educational pedigrees) that far exceed your own. These are quite simply some sterling minds at work, and while you're going to read with fascination what they're capable of producing, you're never likely to emulate how they made it all happen.

Nonetheless, you live for the "Comment" (no matter how few and far between) and the "Links" (that you become convinced early on will never come). For when these first arrive, they become validations that its not just you and a computer keyboard in isolation, that blogging can be more than a pretend game of thinking you have something meaningful (or witty) to say that someone wants to read and digest, or take issue with, or laugh over, or dismiss out-of-hand.

So I'd like to take time out to thank the following bloggers for "making my day" and giving me some joy in this new hobby (somehow that word doesn't capture it well -- "avocation" is the better choice) of mine:

Here's HAT TIPS to:

Patterico's Pontifications: see lefthand column of today's blog for link to B.A. Higgins;

Stones Cry Out: for this generous post (scroll down some to find);

SobekPundit: as he had some good-natured fun with me, but helped my ego recover by further along taking another of my posts seriously;

American Report for his favorable comments on this post of mine;

The Truth Laid Bear for charting my ascendancy in the Blogosphere from Lowly Insects to Slimy Molluscs and who tells me I'm ranked at something like #12,360 among the Blogs signed up on his Ecosystem;

Or, lastly, a person identified as "Teacup," who wrote a lengthy, well-thought "Comment" to this post of mine, which, while I didn't agree with some of the observations, was nonetheless flattered that something I wrote provoked such a deliberate reply.