Thursday, January 13


Doesn't this take all? (My thanks to Lucianne for carrying the story today).

So now John F. Kerry and Jacques Chirac meet. Well, lets see if the good Senator can accomplish sans portfolio what he claimed he would do as President -- bring the French government to its senses and into the fight against terrorism. I suspect he'll have as much success at this, as he has in authoring and passing meaningful legislation in his 20+ years career in the United States Senate.

But, alas, maybe the non-heir to the Heinz fortune is in France to do no more than he did on his recent swing through Iraq: to continue where he left off in last year's heated presidential race, bashing Bush, knocking the war, delighting in his liberalism, saying whatever he thinks a particular audience will respond to (without regard to his personal convictions), and talking, talking, talking ad nauseam, rather than doing. To be sure, he's a man who enjoys his stature and position, the prestige that goes with it, and the deference paid to him because of it. But if you cut through all the the back and forth salvos that were fired in the race from the supporters of either candidate, the one arrow that found its mark for me was the one that landed squarely in the bull's-eye marked non-achiever as a Senator. He avoided discussing what he's done most of his adult life, as if to do so would expose him as a failure.

Ted Kenney's politics are as odious, but, to his credit, he legislates and has never hid in the shadows of the Senate chamber. He gives as good as he gets. I have no use for either gentleman, but Ted Kennedy has at least been a doer.