Thursday, January 20


Donald Sensing at One Hand Clapping writes, in my view, the post of the day in the blogosphere. It's Sensing's opinion that we are engaged in a religious war against radical Islam and that Bush's Second Inaugural has drawn a line in the sand.

It's the infidel religion of democracy (the decsription of America by radical Islamists) pitted in mortal combat against a religion and its god (Allah) that discredits the rule of the people, seeing most people as too ignorant and wayward to be capable of self-rule.

Boiling it down to its essence, freedom and tyranny are locked in a death match. The God of the Judeo-Christian ethos confers certain "natural rights" upon man, which form the bedrock of the American Democratic Republic, among them life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Islamist fanatics, by contrast, believe the religion of Allah (as they interpret it) must prevail globally and be supreme, that dissenters must be slaughtered, and that human beings and democratic self-rule are incompatible. The very notion of Democracy and democratic forms of government are anathema to them.

Is it then not a War On Terrorism, but rather a Great Crusade?