Sunday, January 16


Sorry to ruin your Sunday, Dear Readers, but seems what many of us thought was inevitable in the wake of worldwide tsunami relief efforts is rearing its all too unpleasant head now. Read this distressing piece (courtesy of the folks at Lucianne) and count to ten. Better yet, close your eyes, count to 100, and walk around the block to allow your pores (and your emotions) to vent. There have been any number of polls in recent days indicating that Americans, who have exhibited their usual outpouring of generosity in responding to this horrific natural disaster, have nonetheless been mistrustful that the hard cash, medical supplies, foodstuffs and other needed supplies would reach the people in greatest need, rather than being siphoned off by greedy, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. Some of this is inevitable, of course. One must be a realist. But the question becomes what will its magnitude be (i.e., the level of malfeasance) and is every effort being made to manage the distribution process and preserve, as much as is humanly possible, the genuine intent of the charitable giving and relief assistance?