Thursday, January 27


Click on this link and read the column in its entirety, please. I think you'll be glad you did, particulary if you're the parents of young children. (I hope my adult sons read it, as there's terrific advice from the writer, Merrie Spaeth).

Thanks! And I appreciate you stopping by my blog.

UPDATE: Apologies, Dear Readers, as I link to a "Must Read" column and you click on it and find nada. My daughter-in-law alerted me to the problem and I've been unable to find the column via Google and other search engines, nor even in the blogosphere. It is no longer on the UPI website. I'm frustrated as you are. The column is one from among the author's ongoing series entitled, Words Matter, and in it she discusses Bush's Second Inaugural Address, its grand themes, and concludes by telling parents that they have an obligation to teach their children the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and other founding documents from our nation's history, so that they become conversant in and understand the roots of our love of freedom and liberty.

FOUND THE COLUMN (01/29/05 @ 11:58pm):