Saturday, January 8


It's a well-established fact that the television networks will do most anything to increase their ratings, but an 84 year old's backside is hardly the most efficacious way of winning over the coveted younger viewers. The FCC would have come down hard had FOX blessed this "wardrobe malfunction." Instead, FOX, to its credit, opted to give ol' Mickey the bum's rush.

I suspect this doesn't end it, however. Rooney is regarded by many (among them the nonpareil Laurence Olivier ) as America's greatest actor of all time and even at his stage in life the geriatric Rooney can do better than peddle life insurance for obscure companies. My gut tells me that he may show up soon on Wisteria Lane and dance cheek-to-cheek with Terry Hatcher's character. That, no doubt, would be a ratings' triumph for ABC. You know -- "something old, something new."