Friday, January 28


Goodness gracious, we've gone and upset the Mexican government -- get your wives and children off the streets and maybe get down on your knees and say a prayer or two for a speedy rapprochement. Whatever we do in this world, we can't be offending our southern neighbor!

Seems the State Department issued a travel warning to Americans that crossing the border into Mexico's border towns may be just a tad risky, as that country's drug gangs are on the loose, murdering, raping and kidnapping at will. And I guess that got el Presidente's knickers in a twist. The man whose government gorges itself on billions of dollars of remittances each year from Mexican migrants (mostly illegals) in the United States, the man whose government prepares "How To" guides for circumventing U.S. immigration laws when its citizens (and there are millions each year) contemplate fording the Rio Grande to enter the ol' U.S. of A., the man whose government is so waist-deep in corruption that its major exports to it northern neighbor are human cargo and illicit drugs, the man whose government regularly denounces President Bush and, while claiming to be an ally of America, has yet to lift a hand in the war on international terrorism -- this man, Vicente Fox, has the gaul to express outrage towards America! It's our misguided policies that keep him and his government in the style to which they've become accustomed while most Mexicans live in squalor and abject poverty.

This is when you know we've got to button up our borders and get a whole lot tougher with the Harvard-educated Senior Fox. The man is out of control and Bush, regrettably, has created the monster by folding his cards too many times, always trying to placate this scoundrel and let him pull the winnings from the center of the table.

As I have written before and posted on this blog, invasions aren't just the work of navies and infantries and airforces. We in America had better put some shoe leather up the backsides of some Washington politicians and get immigration reform now and I don't mean the president's vacuous proposal which is tantamount to amnesty for millions who have broken our laws.