Sunday, January 9


That's Latin for we owe the greatest respect to a child. Pope Pius XII and the Roman Catholic Church should have shown such respect by returning Jewish children to their parents after World War II, following the defeat of the Nazis and the liberation of the death camps. The Church had no business baptizing these Jews and indoctrinating them in the Catholic faith. Its mission was to protect them, not convert and abscond with them. If I remember my own Catholic upbringing correctly, the Pope is regarded as having absolute power and authority in "matters of faith" (i.e., he's "infallible" in this regard) and derives that authority directly from Christ. But is denying the return of a child to its rightful parents within the scope of such authority? I think not. As if the scourge of Nazism and its "Final Solution" were not heinous enough, did this have to happen to surviving Jewish parents -- to be denied the return of their own flesh and blood on the pretext that their children had been baptized as Catholics and now fell within the permanent province of the Church. I find this so shamefully unacceptable and unfathomable.