Thursday, January 13


The must read of the day.

DO NOT PASS GO -- read and savor Peggy Noonan's column. The content is delicious, the writing superb.

Among her quotes, and I expect we'll soon see it on someone's template header:

American journalism is no longer a castle, and you can breach its walls.

Take heart, Fellow Bloggers, we have a professional journalist in our midst who recognizes us for what we do and the impact some of us may have in the arena. For this writer, it was in first following the unfolding story of "Rathergate" in the Blogosphere, particularly among those conservative bloggers who picked up the scent quickly of a Bush-bashing CBS' story perhaps grounded on forged documents, that I became captivated and drawn to the notion of trying my hand at maintaining a Web-based journal and offering commentary on issues important to me. I still recall my palpable excitement over the compelling power and incisiveness of this personal form of journalism and how I told my wife, and wrote to my brother and brother-in-law, pointing to certain Blogs, the Blogosphere, the "Rathergate" controversy, and urging them to see what the Powerlines of the world were accomplishing on the Internet. It was quite a rush for me, tweaking nerve-endings and re-awakening the long dormant notion in me that maybe I, too, could become a journalist of sorts, trying my hand at what the big boys and girls -- the true professionals -- have made a career at. Believe me, I suffer no grandiose illusions. I'm in touch with my own limitations. But, I do relish being an infinitesimal part of something that is still in a nascent stage -- its birth -- yet has already proven to be a quantum leap in man's freedom of expression and individuality. All the world has truly become a stage on which to play. Man's voice, thirst for knowledge, and age-old desire to leave an imprint, have never been more quenched than they are now in the Internet and its Blogosphere.