Friday, January 14


Here's the must read column of the day, posted at National Review Online. In it, Victor Davis Hanson puts together a compendium of the myriad criticisms of the Bush Administration's policy in Iraq, its conduct of the war against the insurgency, and all of the hand-wringing over whether or not the elections should go forward. Hanson, here at his best, points to parallels in U.S. history, particularly during World War II, to show the squeamish pessimists who carp incessantly about what Bush and Rumsfeld have done wrong that not only have they done much that is right, but that war is by nature unpredictable and trying, and requires a steady hand to navigate the inevitable storm-tossed seas. History is a guide and Hanson is a first-rate historian and an even more accomplished writer. Alas, this won't change any minds among the Kennedy-Kerry-Dean-Moore wing of the Democratic Party. Were they to have the chance today, that political cartel would chase Harry Truman out of the Party. Harry was too decisive to suit them and a heartless warmonger no less. After all, he made the fateful decision to drop nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, saving the lives of more than a million American troops, but earning for him the eternal scorn of those who traffic in appeasement. Michael Moore would have had a field day doing a hatchet job documentary on ol' Harry and had he the opportunity, ol' Harry would have done what Clint Eastwood has threatened to do -- punch windbag Michael Moore right in the nose.