Tuesday, January 18


Many thanks to Hugh Hewitt for linking today to my review of his well-received new book, BLOG -- Understanding The Information Reformation That's Changing Your World. Imagine my surprise and delight (okay, fact is, I fell out of my chair, dented the floor, got up, pinched myself, then hugged my wife), as a newly-minted blogger, to find one of the icons of the blogosphere giving my writing a nod. That's more than nice of the man.

In Chapter #6 of his book, Hugh writes about the "great deal more encouragement among the center-right for new entrants" to the blogosphere -- a far greater "generosity of spirit" than exists on the "left side of the spectrum." Well, Hugh walks the talk. Not only does he encourage veteran bloggers to help the newbies, but he sets a fine example!

I'm a neophyte blogger, averaging just a miniscule 52 hits a day, a member of the tail of the blogosphere, as Hewitt terms it -- "the 95% to 99% of blogs that are not giant traffic getters." Indeed, there are days when I do get a tad discouraged and think I am only writing to hear myself think: a man without a readership. But, the blogging bug has me in its grip and the enjoyment and personal satisfaction far outweigh those ocassional lapses into self-doubt.

Fact is, when you're just a Flippery Fish in the "TTLB Ecosystem," you have to remind yourself that, truth be known, you're really just the Rudy Ruettiger of the blogosphere, a walk-on trying to make the team. You have to have Rudy's gifts of patience, tenacity, fortitude, resilience, and love of the game (writing in this case). Most of all, you need, as Rudy did, a willing sponsor and some luck along the way.

I feel fortunate today, as well as appreciative, that Hugh Hewitt has written an incisive, mentoring book on blogging and the blogosphere, and has also chosen to put a bit of wind into my sails!