Tuesday, January 4


Peter Worthington's kudos to the unassailable generosity of Americans in his "Toronto Sun" column is worth pinching oneself over just to make sure a member of our northern neighbor's media is really finding something good to say about us! Michelle Malkin's blog provides excerpts from the column, but rather than do so here, I urge readers to kindly read the entire piece, as there's likely to be nothing like it anytime soon and particularly emanating from eastern Canada, where capital "L" Liberalism is tantamount to capital "C" Communism. Worthington confines his praise for America's charitable bent to its timely and generous response to the victims of natural disasters. But, we also resurrect what war and tyranny have ravaged. One only need cite how America rebuilt post-war Europe and Japan following World War II to know that Americans are magnanimous in victory. Canada has been missing in action in the war on terror in Iraq. And it recently advised the U.S. that it would not contribute national treasure to the anti-missle defense shield. Fact is, Canada has become a largely secularist-pacifist nation (Albertans would have it otherwise, but they're too few in number to prevail), which is unable to protect and defend its own liberties absent an almost exclusive reliance on the United States. Yet more often than not, Canadians and their government officials prefer to pontificate on liberty, rather than act to protect it, to judge Americans harshly, rather than themselves objectively, and to choose cradle-to-grave social programs (and the onerous taxation to fund them) over national defense and a greater role in protecting and preserving freedom at home and abroad. I wonder how well-received were Worthington's pro-American observations by citizens of Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec? I suspect not so well. Canada is in desperate need of a Ronald Reagan and a Bill Buckley, and a legitimate conservative movement.