Wednesday, January 19


FOX News reports that Senator Kerry editorialized during yesterday's first day of Senate confirmation hearings for Secretary of State designate Condoleezza Rice that we went in to rescue Iraq from Saddam Hussein, now we have to rescue our policy from ourselves.

That statement, of course, had the usual level of Kerry-style stump speech ambiguity to permit the recently defeated Democratic presidential nominee to explain or amplify it however he felt would best serve his interests and before whatever constituency. He's not yet plumbed the depths of his election defeat adequately enough to know that nearly 61 million American voters determined that it was left-of-Left Kerry's flip-flopping and obfuscation that the country needed to rescue itself from. Of course, his commentary at yesterday's hearing was consistent with the Bush-bashing he engaged in during his recent trip to Iraq. Fact is, he's yet to enunciate clearly and convincingly what his alternative strategy would be in concluding the battle against the insurgency in Iraq and helping that country establish a free, democratic form of government. He didn't do it in his campaign. He hasn't done it since his election defeat.

Frankly, he seemed overshadowed yesterday by the Biden-Boxer tag team. But it seemed more than a bit disingenuous for Kerry to once again chide the Bush Administration for failing to put sufficient troop strength on the ground to deal with the unforseen insurgency (an observation with which I agree by the way) when he voted against the funding measure to provide the troops that were originally sent to Iraq with adequate resources. He can't have it both ways and that's precisely what the voters told him.