Monday, January 31


In what must be a right of passage for we center-right, newbie polibloggers, I've been labeled a rightie blogger today by professional journalist and erstwhile lefty blogger (ah, come on, can't I send it back across the net and with a little backspin?) Barbara O'Brien in this deliriously delicious post at her popular left-of? (well, I'm not quite sure) blog, The Mahablog.

Gee, I feel as though I've been knighted. She found me at the Daou Report this morning and with what ever other travels she made through the blogosphere determined that my post was among her favorite rightie fulminations of the day. Accordingly, I'm honored. No, that's not the word. I'm exhilarated.

Fact is, it's been a red letter (better yet, "red state") kind of day for me. Betsy Newmark, over at a favorite blog of mine, Betsy's Page, linked to the same post as Barbara O'Brien, and as did the "Daou Report." That's made the ol' Site Meter skip a few gears and raised my systolic pressure. If Nancy Reagan and Barbara Boxer call this afternoon, I'll really know I've made some synapses spark.

Actually, I was tempted for a moment to write an email to Barbara O'Brien to thank her, and genuinely so, for the link. But she advises that she's not good about replying to emails. So, I've opted to thank her in another way. I put her blog in my blogroll, albeit under the heading, "Caveat Emptor." As Don Corleone advised son Michael: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

Now, then, what would be a fitting finale to the day? How about the "New York Times" reporting that Hillary Clinton didn't pass out from a bout of the stomach flu after all, that truth be known a member of her staff had slipped her a printed copy of B.A. Higgins' delirious post before she went on stage and she simply had trouble digesting it.