Sunday, January 16


Let's juxtapose this unnerving prospect with this note of encouragement and then ask ourselves what would cause the Republican Party to even think about compromising its moral high ground on the thorny, yet transcendentally important issue of Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice? Yes, I'm the first to agree that both political parties are better served by being more inclusive (i.e., building the proverbial "bigger bus"), but I have infinite respect for the President's political courage in unequivocally reaffirming his heartfelt, spiritually-grounded belief in the "sanctity of life" during last Fall's presidential debates with Senator John Kerry.

And if you believe, as I so strongly do, that life begins at conception, that a human fetus is a sentient being deserving of all the safeguards of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that our country was founded upon, that abortion for the pure sake of a woman's convenience or after-the-fact birth control is morally repugnant, then Pro-Choice politics have no place in the upper echelons of Republican Party leadership. Abortion, where the life of the mother is not at risk or where other medical considerations do not predominate, is abhorrent and violates the laws of nature and of nature's God. In the woof and warp of politics -- in that realm of practical considerations and inevitable compromises -- there should be no room for man's interference with God's choice.

I've always found it ironic that women who argue shrilly that their bodies are their personal citadels and that no one has a right to tell them what to do with them, only have the right of "Choice" -- to have their fetuses destroyed -- in this morally bereft era of Roe v. Wade, because their own mothers chose to exalt LIFE over death, and LOVE over amoral indifference. The United States and its leadership, both public and private, have rallied (as they should have) an overwhelming, charitable response to the terrible human tragedy of the Asian tsunami; but where is the comparable response to the millions of fetuses being aborted and cast off into medical waste dumps each year? Why is abortion not seen as the over-arching tragedy of our age? Is their a higher moral virtue on this planet than to protect those who cannot protect themselves and shield against harm the most vulnerable among us?