Sunday, January 23


I enjoy the writing at IrishLaw. She strikes me as a well-grounded, well-educated individual. Her posts are thoughtful. She has a nice writing style. I put IrishLaw in my blogroll recently and it's proven to be a good choice, as I'm in agreement with her on many of her beliefs and points of view.

I point to the following post as a good example of her bravery and level-headedness, as she makes a case for abstinence as the better, more prudent choice versus abortion, and goes on to discredit the casual way with which Pro-Choice advocates talk abortion as a proper option with which to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. Yes, there are many Pro-Choicers who believe the notion of abstinence is patently indifferent to what is real and how women, who marry later in life now, want to live their lives. The notion of that kind of mature restraint is laughable to them. Of course, oftentimes lost in this equation of convenience is the old-fashioned notion of consequences and accountability -- and with a dead human being in the offing as a result.