Tuesday, January 25


I applauded President Bush's Second Inaugural Address -- its grand themes of freedom, liberty and humanity, grounded in natural law. Indeed, I took to task some who were critical of it, particularly those critics on the Right.

However (and I continue to beat this drum), the greatest failure of the Bush Administration's first term was not in invading Iraq, but rather in allowing an unabated invasion of illegal immigrants to enter this country. Apart from the economic ( it's huge) and societal (it's incalcuable) impacts, the human tragedy is the real story here. I can understand people throughout the world, particularly those oppressed by tyrannical regimes or caught in the enervating grip of poverty, wanting to come to our country. But, once this country establishes its immigration quotas, then we must enforce them, pure and simple. Because, apart from the impact to each of us, our communities and our nation from unchecked waves of illegals, the graver problem is the cost to humanity from this illicit trade in human cargo.

What I'm driving at is you can't embrace freedom and liberty, while calling for the blessings of Divine Providence in leading this nation, and at the same time permit porous land borders and unsecured shorelines that translate into so much human suffering. Very real forms of terrorism and tyranny occur in the manner in which people are smuggled here. Because it can be done, and done over and over again, there's a huge market for it. And the money becomes the catalyst for evil-doing. Stop it in its tracks and the crimes are checked.

Read the following as examples of what I'm talking about:

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If you've stayed with this post this long and read through these articles (and I thank you for that), I trust you've gotten a good picture of the human toll that's not talked about often enough. What element of President Bush's inaugural speech spoke to this human tragedy -- this wanton human suffering? And in this day and age of terror alerts, Homeland Security, and massive expenditures for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, isn't it a gross contradiction in terms to look the other way when this nation is being vitually overrun and the people conveying the human cargo here are insidious criminal organizations preying upon the vulnerable?