Saturday, January 8


Hindrocket, over at Powerline, does a nice job of revealing the Democrats and their left wing press henchmen for what they are in their scandalous treatment of President Bush's Attorney General nominee , Alberto Gonzales. The Latino community is no doubt watching this travesty and will have long memories at the polls in the next round of Congressional elections and, subsequently, in 2008. In turn, since the African American community has been slow to comprehend the extent to which the Democratic Party takes its votes for granted (talk about foolish allegiance), I hope the president has the opportunity in his second term to nominate an outstanding black jurist of impeccable, "strict constructionist" credentials to the Supreme Court (is there an equivalent in that community of Robert H. Bork?). Why? So a savage confirmation fight might just get their attention this time around unlike it did when Clarence Thomas was put through the ringer. Better yet, let's see if President Bush acts on his instincts and nominates Justice Thomas to fill the Chief Justice spot when Rehnquist steps down. Then the African American community can watch a reprise of how the Far Left Wing of the Democratic Party shows neither restraint nor reluctance in showcasing its abhorrence of blacks who don't stick to the script. The Party of Lincoln ought to do better among black voters, you would think. But an auto-response in the polling booth persists in seeming perpetuity within that community no matter the lunacy of the Left. Latinos have begun to figure out what voting leverage can do for their community. Blacks should re-evaluate their ill-served, blind allegiance to a Democratic Party that not only takes them for granted, but does so without compunction.