Friday, January 14


I watched Bill O'Reilly's segment tonight with guest Hugh Hewitt (I find it difficult to watch his entire show anymore, as he is so obstinately ill-mannered). Hugh was on the show to promote his newly published book BLOG (which I purchased this afternoon) and O'Reilly was using the interview as a platform for his rant about the evils of the Internet, citing the journalistic standards he claims to adhere to, while vacuously pronouncing that few bloggers follow his lead. O'Reilly pretty much implied that most bloggers are self-indulgent, undisciplined, character assassins and that the Internet is the perfect no holds barred environment for them to publish their vitriol. Hugh did his best to disabuse O'Reilly of his biases, but to no avail. In so many words, he politely suggested to Mr. O that he was painting all bloggers with too broad a stroke of the brush.

I told my wife, who watched the segment with me, that you'd almost surmise listening to Bill that he's either never used a computer in his life or resists technology just on bullheaded principal. She replied, tongue-in-cheek, "that's because he prefers to use the telephone!"

Hugh comported himself well, opted not to show up in pajamas (I would have enjoyed the levity), spoke with a knowledge gained firsthand from his success in the blogosphere, and did his best (as do most guests on "The Factor") to interject a word edgewise, as O'Reilly rudely interrupted him and kept the spotlight on his own agenda.

If you're unfamiliar with Hugh's Blog, here's the site. If, like me, you were once a fan of O'Reilly, but have grown weary of him, I'd like to hear why and compare notes with you.