Thursday, January 13


David Limbaugh in this piece, which I found linked by Wizbang, gives us a tremendous insight into Hillary Clinton -- she's a "Leftist Radical" through-in-through, despite her efforts of late to camouflage those spots. Well pick me up off the floor. You may recall William Safire once having described her as a "congenital liar," which drew the ire of hubby Bill. That, too, was not new news or terribly insightful. But we all find ourselves focusing on her every move (and every deception), because we're told by the pundits she's the odds-on-favorite to win the Democratic Party's nomination in 2008. I'm not so sure that would bode poorly for Republican chances to retain the White House. Hillary does not have near the gifts her husband possesses on the campaign trail and her shift to the political center already appears more awkwardly contrived than anything WJC ever did under the direction of his handlers (that's not an allusion to Monica or Jennifer). For my money, I think voters (particularly within that huge demographic radar blip called the Baby Boom Generation, which is fast segueing into retirement) will have long memories about how she thoroughly botched the Clinton healthcare initiative. And that may be as much of an Achilles Heel, as her raging liberalism. Besides, she's not a governor, has no executive experience, and draws her political strength from a liberal base in the northeastern United States. Now who does that remind you of?