Friday, January 28


Seems Hillary has invoked the wrath of the abortion industry's lobbyists and apologists. They've demanded clarifications on the heels of what sure sounded more like a Pro-Life speech, than a Pro-Choice speech the other day. But the beauty of Hillary's athleticism (and dance steps) is that she can move in either direction smoothly and gracefully, kind of like a Michael Jackson moon walk. Her staff has already "clarified" that New York's junior Senator opposes, as an example, parental notification when an under-18 girl seeks an abortion. That's more like the Left Winger I and so many Americans have come to know and loathe. That position won't fly with traditionalists, who think parents, rather than Leftist communes, should raise and be responsible for their offspring. Traditionalists are not into the village people. You see, the latter see parental notification as "dangerous." Parents may opt to get in the way of the vacumn and the knife.