Friday, January 14


What's wrong with this story?

Right up through the President of the United States, there's a consensus among Washington politicians that our intelligence services let us down with respect to WMDs (they didn't exist) and counter-insurgency (the strength of which was never foreseen) in Iraq. And we know one of the great stumbling blocks to better intelligence and a better understanding of the people of Iraq and the Middle East is the language barrier.

So gays in the military who have a facility with Arabic and Farsi should hardly be an issue, particularly in a time of war. Yet we're chasing them out of the service for coming out of the closet when their foreign language skills could conceivably help our intelligence officers and military personnel root terrorists out of their spider holes!

What am I missing here? Only "straight" linguists need apply? Seems ridiculous on its face, but I'll consider opposing points of view provided we keep this civil.