Wednesday, January 26


Sorry, but Brandon at The Irish Trojan's Blog, a first year law student at Notre Dame, and whose blog I read regularly, enjoy and have linked in my blogroll, is getting all weepy-eyed over the alleged perpetrator of the calamitous commuter train wreck in Glendale, California, and that annoys me. He feels the perpetrator's pain -- and he's already conjecturing in his post what legal defense strategy may be the most compelling to a jury. As long as one cuts his wrists and stabs himself with what authorities have described were "superficial wounds," he can then bail out of his car, save himself, and set in motion a chain reaction tragedy that leaves a concatenation of dead, injured, traumatized victims, scattered like so many tinker toys across the "crime scene" ; and no matter that countless families are grieving tonight and for years to come over dead and injured relatives or dead and injured friends, while this change-of-heart suicider gets a warm meal in jail, medical treatment, a chorus of sympathizers, and, no doubt, a court-appointed psychiatrist eventually to hold his hand, bless his contrition, and develop the early building blocks of an airtight defense to get him off the hook despite the lives he took and the lives he impacted this day?

No, I don't have any empathy for the perpetrator. I view suicide, achieved or attempted, as cowardly and an affront to God. My empathy is for the victims. Sorry, Brandon, I know my viewpoint will disappoint you, too.