Saturday, January 29


Jack LaLanne must be proud as punch (make that read: proud as juice) of Helen Koton; and I suspect Helen Koton must use one of LaLanne's juicers every morning when she rises. After all, fresh homemade carrot juice packs a lot of vitamins and minerals -- just what a 79-year old woman needs to stay fit.

Why the admiration from Jack? Did this woman pull a tethered coal barge with her teeth from San Pedro harbor to Catalina Island in heavy seas? No! Rather, it's because this Hallandale Beach, FL, geriatric scored a 9.6 on the equivalent of the Olympic gymnastic rings' event for women!

Okay, if that wasn't exactly the case, Helen still should have earned the near-perfect mark.

The elderly gal clung bravely to a bridgespan, as a drawbridge raised her into the air higher than the tallest Ferris wheel. I suspect ol' Helen could break your fingers with a handshake. She doesn't put powder on her cheeks, she puts talcum on her hands. I'll bet she's squeezed a tennis ball for years. I wouldn't suggest that her grandchildren backtalk her!

Let's have a blogosphere round of applause for the woman who's bound to set new records in the Senior Olympics!