Sunday, January 9


New Irish head football coach Charlie Weis has already determined what sort of players he wants to bring to Notre Dame to restore the prestige and success of a program that has faltered for far too long now. He hasn't set foot on the Irish sideline in a football game yet, but he's already made a believer out of me. I like his style. He gets to the point -- knows what he wants and knows that his expectations and ideas have formed the basis for success in the game he loves and has devoted his life to. He's at the pinnacle in the sport today, as his Super Bowl rings attest. He's now chosen to take on what will undoubtedly prove to be the biggest challenge of his professional life: to pump life back into what in the sports' long history at the collegiate level had been the most successful and storied program of all. Most observers and prognosticators of college football think Notre Dame's problems are systemic (e.g., far too demanding academic standards). Charlie, a Notre Dame graduate, doesn't see it that way. I don't either. The right kind of leadership can overcome most any obstacle. Just look at what he's accomplished already (while still fulfilling his continuing responsibilities as Offensive Coordinator of the New England Patriots) in assembling a first-rate coaching staff of impeccable credentials.