Saturday, January 8


Matthew Performing A "Catorce"

While "hanging out" with my son Jim and his son Matthew, my grandson proudly had me listen while he recited the numbers 1 through 15 in Spanish, which, I should add, he did very well and had learned in school (he's in Kindergarten). When he said, catorce, the number 14 in Espaniol, I immediately contorted my body, which broke up my grandson. I didn't bother explaining to him that my bizarre sense of humor was defining catorce as Spanish for the word "contortion." He thought Grandpa was a riot and he began repeating the word, and with each repetition I went into a full-body contortion. So, it soon became the standing joke during the time we were visiting family over the holidays in Kentucky. Someone would yell catorce and family members would do what Matthew is seen doing in the photo above!