Saturday, January 8


The Democrats have now officially lost the title match to President Bush despite the silliness of putting a decrepit old Liberal in the ring against him. No, I speak not of the windsurfer, John Kerry, but of the light middleweight, Barbara Boxer -- she who represents the "Left Coast" so ably. Turns out she has a glass chin to rival Al Gore's. The Democratic Party just doesn't get it (and I hope they never do and continue to content themselves as the party of Michael Moore, Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton). Every time they try to discredit President Bush, the Republican Party and this country's election results, they just dig that hole they've crawled into a little deeper. And would someone kindly tell THE BOXER that tears in the ring are unbecoming anyone who calls himself or herself a champion of the downtrodden and disenfranchised. Seems anymore the Democrats are either screaming in our ears or crying in their soup. Don't they ever embarrass themselves with their childish antics in the halls of government?