Sunday, January 16


Marc Sandalow of the San Francisco Chronicle writes a nicely done piece on President Bush, agreeing with other Washington observers that this two-term Republican is "presiding over a defining moment in the nation's history." More than his father and certainly more than Bill Clinton, who trafficked in small ideas and marginal issues, while laying claim to major Republican initiatives such as welfare reform, George W. Bush is going to eat up "textbook space" as he endeavors to reshape American politics and segue away from the government-directed, big social programs of the FDR and LBJ presidencies to an ownership society -- the denouement of the Reagan Revolution and a decidedly more conservative country. Indeed, Bush, so abused by the Left as a low-brow bumbler, has followed Reagan's lead in allowing the Eastern Liberal Establishment to consistently under-estimate him. The Left never accuses Bush '43 of being a visionary or a world-shaker, but if he's able to push his agenda along through a Republican-controlled Congress in the first two years of his second term, while continuing the successful battle against Islamic terrorism, he may well leave a legacy over time of having been one of the seminal presidents in this nation's history.

My thanks to the "Domer" at IrishLaw for posting this excellent column. I found her through The Backer's blogroll.