Saturday, January 15


This is the kind of story that makes me feel warm all over. So I guess I'm to presume from this that the FBI has some information on me in a database or on a shelf, since not only did I fly a lot on business prior to "9/11," but flew that very day and to the East Coast no less. Indeed, I landed in Philadelphia and walked off the plane just minutes after the first of the two World Trade Center towers had been struck. I noticed a lot of people swarming towards and gathering in an airport bar, but I was in such a rush to grab a cab and get downtown in time for a mid-morning appointment with a key client that I didn't stop to see what they were trying to see on the T.V. monitor in the bar. Once in the cab and underway, I called my secretary to check on a couple of items and she told me in a disquieting voice that a plane had hit one of the Trade Center towers. I matter-of-factly asked if New York City was experiencing fog and she answered that she didn't know and to my second question that she hadn't heard whether it was a large or small aircraft. I told her that if she were to find out it was a jet aircraft (God forbid) that air traffic in the northeastern corridor would be a mess and to begin looking at alternative flight options for me, as I was just in Philadelphia for the day and didn't want to get stuck there overnight. The rest is history. The cab ride took thirty minutes or so and by the time I walked into the lobby of the client's world headquarters there was pandemonium. I'll always remember where I was when John F. Kennedy was shot and, of course, when the terrible tragedy of "9/11" unfolded. But I never suspected that the FBI might also know where I was.