Saturday, January 8


Hillary (Left) & Bill (Right of Left)

For you poor souls stuck in the coldbelt, here's the kind of thing we fortunate sunbelt dwellers do during the NFL playoffs in January. Eat your heart out, as it was in the 60s in my part of the country today, with clear blue skies and not a hint of a breeze. Picture-perfect "winter" weather. Anyway, I put these two left-wingers on my Weber, using banked briquets on either side (i.e., an "offset fire"), narrowly opened vents top and bottom, and with a steady temperature of 300 - 320 degrees F. for two hours. No more; no less. Removed the lid once at one and one-half hours to check how Hillary and Bill were doing and to have my wife take the photo for you. I prepared the birds by washing them (no, don't use soap, just cold water), drying them with paper towel, coating each with a Canola Oil baste, and sprinkling liberally with Cavender's "All Purpose Greek Seasoning." Then each was placed deftly down over a can of Tecate beer (you drink the beverage down a tad first or it will boil over, rather than providing the moisture and flavor you're seeking). Let the birds stand for about 15-20 minutes on your cutting board after you've removed them from the grill (called "letting the meat rest"), and then "pull" the meat from the bone, rather than carving it. Add some additional Cavenders to the meat before eating it. You're in for quite a treat. Beer Can Chicken takes the ennui out of the throw a steak on the barbe mentality!