Friday, January 14


Yes, you have to read it to believe it. Take a gander at this from Betsy's Page, then pick yourself up off the floor as I had to do! What goes on in our nation's schools anymore defies description. No, I'm not a prude. But I adhere to Shakespeare's maxim that discretion is the better part of valor, as are plain ol' commonsense and sound adult judgement.

I just wrote earlier about a goofy Liberal who wants to deny President Bush the right to publicly seek the blessings of God at his inaugural. We've all just been through a holiday season in which the ACLU and its phalanx of liberal attorneys did their level best to remove not only all references to "Christmas" from the public square, but the nativity scenes as well. Courts can't display the "Ten Commandments" and the Los Angeles County Seal can no longer depict the Christian cross. Why I even had a reader take exception this week to my post on the blight of XXX billboards along the interstates saying that the sight of churches and church steeples offended him even more! On and on it goes and where it stops only the wacko Left really knows.

But, we can instruct young 8th grade girls on exotic dancing and stripping as viable career choices and even suggest to them that as the bust size goes up, so do the earnings. Nothing like a touch of pragmatism from a career counselor to gain credibility with his young teen audience. It's not a brave new world out there; it's a world gone mad.