Wednesday, January 26


We've been waiting for their arrival and it came this morning. If you've read the "Genesis" of my blog, you'll know that my wife and I live in a lakeside community and that we have a view of the water from the windows of my Study. Each winter the lake is visited by large flocks of white pelicans, and because of their size, the brilliant whiteness of their plumage, and those incredibly large, mustard-yellow, pouched bills that they use for scooping up fish, they make a magnificent display, reflecting in the mirror-like sheen of the lake's surface in the early morning hours.

We had light fog this morning, so the backdrop for this floating armada of pelicans paddling up the bay placed these bright, white-feathered birds in even more dramatic relief. Simply beautiful, like a canvas sufficing for a poem. Escorting the pelicans, and behaving like light cruisers shadowing battleships and aircraft carriers through dangerous waters, were the black-on-black cormorants, fascinating water birds in their own right, but clearly outshined by the majesty of the big birds on display.

A nice departure, to be sure (a moment's diversion), from the concerns of record budget deficits, Marines' deaths in Iraq, Barbara Boxer's and Ted Kennedy's pathetic histrionics, and the internecine warfare over how to fix Social Security.

Ah, but the pelicans appeared so resolutely oblivious.