Friday, January 28


Sure it's the kind of headline that makes you want to turn away from the subject matter in revulsion and leave this blog, but it's high time that people in this country begin comprehending just what's going on in the abortion mills and applying their consciences and humanity to forcing solutions from the legislatures, as well as the courts. Fetuses are sentient human beings and acutely aware of pain at 20 weeks into the gestation period.

ROE v. WADE is an abhorrent Supreme Court ruling -- totally unconscionable -- and ushered in a court-supported slaughter of innocents (legalized infanticide) that now numbers nearly 47,307,000.

I suggest you bookmark this site. I pray you do.

They say during the Holocaust that many German citizens either knew what was going on in the internment camps or were convinced something was terribly amiss. Yet they looked away, as if ignoring the inhumanity of the death camps somehow made it not their doing -- not their problem, not their responsibility. Well, there's something terribly amiss in this country and we all have a responsibility, in some way, shape or form, to keep the helpless from being hopeless, and sacrificed on the altar of choice.

Fact is, 47+ million pregnant women were not all in danger of losing their lives or having their health compromised by going full term and giving birth to the "life" that was inside of them.

UPDATE: If you experience trouble opening the first link, then click on the this link, which will take you to the "National Right To Life" site. Then scroll down to the box marked ACTION ALERT and click on the link that reads: "... new factsheet on the pain of the unborn ..." Thanks!