Thursday, January 13


Picked this choice morsel out of the Daou Report. Seems Soros wants another go at it. Maybe he's convinced it's a game of numbers ($ and elections) and that political philosophy and its impact on a nation's people have little to do with it. If the Blogosphere has proved anything, it's that there is a huge galaxy of thinkers/doers who can't be bought and who are their own men and women. Besides, no one has proven that you get a substantial return on your investment in a presidential campaign. Most of us flip past those annoying, omnipresent television commercials that fillet the political opposition. As people become better educated, more politically savvy, and more proficient users of the Internet, the Soros of the world will hold less sway no matter the millions of dollars they funnel into campaign coffers. Joe Kennedy Sr. could spend his money and work his wiles, in concert with his field operative, Mayor Richard Daley, in Cook County in November, 1960, and single-handedly yank the Presidency from Richard Nixon's grasp; but all the king's horses and all the king's men, including the personal fortune of George Soros and the hollow propaganda of Michael Moore, couldn't carry election day for an effete form of Liberalism that is no longer palatable to the American voter.