Tuesday, January 25


Could someone who may be more ahead of the curve than I on this Chinese nationals' story out of San Antonio tell me if Afzal Hameed, reportedly of Dover, Maryland, is a real person, and separate and distinct from Hamid Afzal of San Antonio, Texas? Early news coverage of the Cessna aircraft forced to land in San Antonio, because it was carrying illegal immigrants (i.e., four Chinese nationals), reported the aircraft was co-owned by Afzal Hameed. Later stories reported that a Hamid Afzal co-owned the plane with his wife and that he runs a flight training school in San Antonio. Were the early reports incorrect in this regard and the latter solid? Afzal is the common denominator in these myriad reports.

In my first three posts of this morning, I was referencing the first name reported in the press -- Afzal Hameed. I thought I owed my readers an explanation. If I've confused you through the course of the day, my apologies. Frankly, I remain confused.