Wednesday, January 26


This is terrible news. To know that 31 sets of parents are grieving today, along with the parents, families and friends of an additional 5 of our troops (killed by deadly insurgents) ... well, it's a sobering kind of feeling that just washes over you, regardless of whether you're for or against this war. It's a Black Wednesday in Iraq. The elections are so near, yet so far away. When will we make an end -- when can the citizens of Iraq assume control of their own destiny, now freed from the grip of Sadaam Hussein?

My father was a U.S. Marine in World War II and my brother-in-law was a Marine as well, doing a tour of duty in Vietnam. Our Marines have fought the good fight in Iraq, against Saddam's warriors, Islamic terrorists, and fanatical insurgents, and they've taken many, many casualties. This country and Iraq, and all western Democracies, especially those sitting on the sidelines with their arms folded, owe our Marines and all of our fighting men and women a debt of gratitude.

Our heartfelt prayers go out to these 36 dead and to those who mourn them deeply.