Saturday, January 8


I'm showing my age (my "profile" photo does a good job of that too), but I'm not reluctant in the least to say that in my youth I was a big fan of Soupy Sales (and of White Fang, Black Tooth and Pookie) and his comedic antics. His 60s' television show was the "in thing" to watch and it ran from the light-hearted to the bizarre to even crossing the line on occasion. He once did a routine in which he informed his viewers that Peeping Toms of old would hold a head of lettuce up to their eyes and "watch the French dressing!" Unlike Captain Kangaroo before him or Mr. Rogers who followed, you didn't learn anything from Soupy, other than how to laugh and mimic those amusing guttural sounds when the paw came out (or mail in your parents' greenbacks to him). His recognition as an entertainer is long overdue. Are there any of my readers who remember how to do the Soupy Shuffle?