Wednesday, January 19


Matt Drudge links to this AP news account of Senators Kerry (D-Massachusetts) and Boxer (D-California) in lockstep voting "Nay" in a 16-2 favorable vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearing today for President Bush's Secretary of State nominee, Condoleezza Rice.

I watched the coverage on C-Span and couldn't resist being irked over the predictable votes from two of the Senate's most avowed liberals. Rice's nomination still goes before a full vote of the Senate and there are reports today that certain Democrats may exercise their rights to fillibuster on Thursday. Wasn't Kerry taking foreign policy advice during his campaign from deep-pockets, size XXXL socks, Sandy Berger, before national archives officials got wise to Mr. Berger's "inadvertent" pilfering of classified documents? And now he finds Condoleezza Rice an unacceptable prospect as Secretary of State! As for Barbara Boxer, no more needs to be said. Her vote speaks for itself and reflects on those citizens of California who embarrass themselves by returning her to office.