Sunday, December 19


Dreaming about new Head Coach Charlie Weis and whether Notre Dame football will experience a resurgence ...

There's a nice NYT's write-up linked in Notre Dame Nation on The Irish's new Head Football Coach Charlie Weis (see: Weis Made His Luck On Way To ND), who will come to South Bend having served as a well-regarded (some say "brilliant") Offensive Coordinator for the Super Bowl Champions' New England Patriots. This is a good site to bookmark if you're into "Blue and Gold" football, as am I, my two sons, and the older of my two grandsons (Matthew). Our newest addition to the family, newborn Austin, will no doubt become a football junkie like his father and follow the family tradition of cheering on Notre Dame through thick and thin. With Charlie Weis now at the helm, this writer fervently hopes that the "thin" years are behind us and that the "thick" years loom on the not too distant horizon. Weis should become in no time an inspiration to the troops, as he's a dyed-in-the-wool over-achiever, inveterate workaholic and true lover of sports. And for good measure, he's a Notre Dame alum! Weis has trained at the feet of the masters -- Parcells and Belichick -- and has earned his bones with a reputation as a "sponge" and, the hyperbole notwithstanding, an "offensive genius."