Sunday, December 19


If you've not yet seen the bawdy, irrepressible, 93-year-old Marie Rudisill on NBC's JAY LENO SHOW, then let me help you cure what's ever ailing you. You're in for more than a few chuckles, I promise you. You may have to see your internist about the onset of acute stomach spasms following your bout of gut-wrenching laughter, as this geriatric, dubbed The Fruitcake Lady, dispenses with her own special twist on television's equivalent of an advice column.

The pull-no-punches Floridian cuts straight to the chase when the unwary pose a question or personal dilemma to her. If your feathers get ruffled by some off-color language, albeit from a woman who could be your great grandmother, then don't link; but, if you'll just let your hair down (and get the youngsters away from the computer screen), you'll be in for a bushel basket of laughs. Personally, I think Ms. Rudisill ought to be retained as Special Counsel to Donald Rumsfeld. She'd cut through the red tape and get armor on those Humvees. Trust me, your stomachs may need armor plating before this is over!