Saturday, December 18


Joe forwarded some nice digital photographs of his son (my grandson!) this afternoon and this is Cathy's ("Granny's") favorite of the bunch (see above). Austin is becoming more expressive now and you can look into those eyes (will they remain blue?) and see the gears turning. So much to take in, so much for the senses to ferret out and begin making sense of -- the "little man" appears alert, healthy and, if I may say so, serenely cerebral. There's an umistakable curiosity staring back. Isn't a new life magical? He's just now in the very early stages of mentally writing what will become in time a voluminous autobiography. Where will life take him, what will he become, who will he touch and who will touch him, and what will his mark be? The world awaits Austin Burgess Higgins and he will assuredly leave an imprint. For now, however, let's just cuddle him and kiss him, and thank the Good Lord for creating life and giving us someone new in the family to love. What a wonderful Christmas present. Thank you, Krissy and Joe.