Sunday, December 19


Mother and Son ... priceless!

Cathy put a nice frame around this beautiful shot of our daughter-in-law Krissy holding Austin Burgess. Krissy's hubby, my younger son Joe, took this photograph with his new Nikon Coolpix 8800 digital camera. Of course, he had unquestionably superb subjects to photograph, but I must applaud him nonetheless for getting up-to-speed so quickly on his new toy. I'm still an old fuddy-duddy film guy, but my wife has already become a convert to digital. Do you think Ansel Adams would have eschewed film for digital technology had he the choice early in his career? There's a romance in dealing with the vagaries of film (e.g., blocking your shots with different F-stops) while fussing over a camera, tripod and cable release, as the light changes and the ineffable beauty of a scene dissolves into plainness in a matter of heartbeats. Years ago, when our boys were young, I took a memorable photograph of them sitting side-by-side in a meadow of tall grass on the floor of Yosemite Valley. It wasn't until the slides were developed that I knew I had the shot I wanted. If Joe ever gets there with Krissy and Austin, he'll know immediately whether he has framed his shot properly and captured the moment. Ansel Adams didn't know he had done inimitable justice to Half Dome until he got back to the dark room. I suppose it's all in your "frame" of reference!