Tuesday, December 7


The inception of this blog is proudly timed with the birth of my second grandchild, Austin Burgess Higgins, who entered the world today at 4:04am EST in Louisville, KY. He weighs 7 pounds and 3 ounces, is 20 inches in length, and has dark brown hair and his grandfather's (and father's) hands. Both baby and mother (my daughter-in-law, Krissy) are doing fine and the youngest of my three sons, Joe -- the proud father -- is beaming.

Austin is Krissy's and Joe's firstborn.

The fates have decreed, based upon the Dallas Cowboys' improbable upset of the Seattle Seahawks in the waning minutes of last night's "Monday Night Football" game, that Austin will grow up to be a diehard fan of "America's Team." Similarly, and owing to the Cowboys' rookie running back Julius Jones' stellar performance (Jones hails from Notre Dame) with 198 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns on the night, including the game-winner as the clock ran out, that Baby Higgins will become, in time, a devotee of The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame (a Higgins' family tradition).

So, we know we have a football fan in the making and, who knows, perhaps a player in the offing down the road. Besides, it's certainly within the province of a proud grandfather to speculate on such matters of import. And, since newborn Austin is a newly-minted "Sagitarius," honesty, truth and integrity will surely be important to him, so it follows, as night the day, that Major League Baseball cannot be an option!

What do I wish for this grandson of mine, this "little man" named Austin, who is my immortality (as are my sons, Jim and Joe, and my other grandson, Matthew)?

May I recall for him words once offered to the President and First Lady by Ireland's Ambassador on the birth of their son, John F. Kennedy, Jr.:

We wish to the new child,
A heart beguiled,
By a flower,
That the wind lifts,
As it passes.

If the storms break for him,
May the trees shake for him,
Their blossoms down.

In the night that he is troubled,
May a friend wake for him,
So that his time be doubled,

And at the end of all loving and love
May the Man above
Give him a crown."