Thursday, December 9


"Amma" (Hilda Davis) holding Austin Burgess

Because "Yours Truly" has been unable, as a neophyte "blogger," to get the "Comments" feature working, I feel obliged to publish three nice e-mails I have received from Krissy's mother, Hilda Davis, who has proudly signed those messages as "Amma," which is the word for "Grandmother" in the Icelandic language. Hilda has dual citizenship, both here in the United States and in her homeland of birth, the beautiful country of Iceland.

Here, expressed so beautifully, are a collection of Hilda's thoughts on the arrival into all of our lives of Austin Burgess Higgins:

Austin is so beautiful and it is such an amazing feeling looking at him and realizing that he is made up of little bits of so many generations -- Higginses, Walkers, Davises and Gudmundssons. He is calm, content and feels so good to hold.

We all LOVE his name and feel it is so special that he is named after both grandfathers. It seems fitting -- you (Bernie) were named after your maternal grandfather (Austin Cotie), Burgess was named after his maternal grandfather and now Austin Burgess is named after both of his grandfathers. I love it! Your initials are BAH, Burgess' were BAD and now Austin is ABH. Too cute!

Krissy and Joe look so calm, happy and content -- as though they are at total peace with life. They are so cute with Austin and he also seems calm, content and at peace. They are a beautiful little family. He is definitely a wonderful blend of both of them. He makes all kinds of little noises while he sleeps and is always making little faces with his mouth. It is really difficult to part from him each evening. Just wait until you see him. He is a doll and so alert. It will be fun to see how his personality develops.

Austin is a gorgeous, alert baby and very content. He certainly knows the voices of his Mommy and Daddy. Krissy, Joe and Austin are a beautiful family.